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    DC Concrete: Certified COVID Safe

    We’re pleased to confirm that we’re COVID Safe! It’s an unprecedented time for the whole country. But for tradies who are deemed essential to the Australian economy the work must go on!

    To ensure that we keep your (and our!) family safe DC Concrete is now officially COVID Safe. We have undertaken the required business training to ensure that our team adopt the safest possible work practices at all times.

    TradeHQ have shared the following information for tradies (August 2020) about COVID Safe work:

    • Australian tradies ARE considered an essential service.
    • This means they can continue to operate, however they should be implementing increased health and safety practices to keep themselves, their customers and their families safe.
    • Trade Businesses must follow guidelines presented from Safe Work Australia to ensure they can work in a COVID safe environment.
    • When they are not working, tradies must abide by the conditions associated with their state or territory’s current level.

    At DC Concrete rest assured that whether we are working on a Sydney residential concrete job in your private home or on a Sydney civil concrete job at a huge building site everyone’s safety is our priority.

    We are committed to everyone’s health and have undertaken the following certification Australian Government Department of Health: Infection Control Training – COVID 19 and as such can proudly declare ourselves COVID safe!

    Of course for those people booking any trades to work in schools, on aged care sites or in healthcare premises this is even more important so if you require a Sydney concreter for any of these sectors we are the team you need! 

    Realestate.com.au also published a great article (April 2020) detailing how to deal with residential tradies during COVID times – here’s the summary of their tips:


    • Greet your tradie at the door, but remain a safe distance as per the ‘social distance’ guidelines.
    • Wave instead of shaking hands with your tradie.
    • Offer your tradie the opportunity to wash their hands at the start and conclusion of the job.
    • Upon completion of the job, use electronic payment options such as credit card or direct debit to avoid handling cash.
    • Respect the social distancing measures (1 person per 4 sq metre).

    That’s some great tips to keep us all safe! In the meantime, everyone should remember to practice best possible hygiene, wear a mask as advised and practice social distancing. Take care! (And, just because we really do care – check out this video from the World Health Organisation on how everyone should properly wash their hands – its amazing how many people don’t actually know how!)

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